Sunday, March 20, 2011

Space Saver: Flat Out!

Anyone who lives in a boat or other small compartment knows how valuable every inch of space is. Dishes, pots and pans are tough to store because of their awkward sizes and shapes. I'm always on the prowl for better storage ideas, and a couple years back I was turned on to the Flat Out! line of Tupperware bowls. Luck was on my side this year when my sister (who coincidentally sells Tupperware) sent me a set of 5 Flat Out! bowls with organizer. Now I can rid myself of all my awkwardly-shaped storage containers and free up space in my cabinets for other important items. Unfortunately for anyone reading, Tupperware discontinued the set of 5 Flat Out! bowls for now. But you can still procure a set of 2 (4-cup) bowls.

My Flat Out! set hangs in the Galley (lower right)