Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No More Stinky Scrubbers!

In my neverending quest to be as green as I can be (and to keep stinky sponges and dishcloths far away from my galley), I stumbled across these Goodbye Detergent! Original Spaghetti Scrubs.  The yellow ones are made from corn cobs and the red ones from peach pits, plus they claim to last for months and require little or no soap to do their job: all factors contributing to their reduced impact on the environment.  But the part that I like best is the fact that they dry quickly and completely, which translates into NO MORE STINKY SCRUBBERS! 

I bought two packs the other day (yellow ones are coarse, red ones are gentle) and so far, I dig 'em.  The no-stink status will be determined at a later date...  I'll keep you posted.

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